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Fri 06 September 2019
Test coverage only matters if it's at 100%
Mon 01 July 2019
Writing a subquery with SQLAlchemy core
Thu 04 October 2018
Pretty print JSON inside Vim using jq
Fri 29 June 2018
Writing a correlated subquery with SQLAlchemy
Mon 28 May 2018
Running pytest on modified files
Tue 22 May 2018
How to align the last flexbox item to the right.
Mon 14 May 2018
Latexify a URL with a Regex
Thu 19 October 2017
The great microservices migration
Fri 02 December 2016
Negative feedback antipatterns
Thu 01 October 2015
10 principles for good code
Wed 18 February 2015
Maslow's pyramid of code review
Sun 02 March 2014
Engineering managers’ priorities in a hyper-growth startup
Wed 29 January 2014
Learnings from six months as a first-time engineering manager
Thu 19 September 2013
Code as Craft
Mon 09 September 2013
Resources to learn coding
Fri 16 August 2013
We should not ship code
Wed 22 May 2013
Using qcachegrind to visualize Python profiling data
Wed 14 December 2011
Why I keep on using Vim instead of going back to TextMate
Wed 09 November 2011
Articles from Joel Spolsky about functional specifications