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Hi, I'm Charles-Axel Dein!

I'm a husband, a dad and a self-taught software developer, currently working on starting my own company.

My previous work experience include:

  • 3 years of engineering manager experience at Uber in San Francisco and Amsterdam.
  • 2 years of software engineering experience at Uber in San Francisco.
  • 2 years of innovation consulting at faberNovel in Paris and San Francisco.

My areas of interest are:

  • Startup entrepreneurship
  • Software development (I'm a huge fan of the Python programming language)
  • Engineering management
  • Design & Typography
  • Education
  • History
  • Literature

I completed a Masters at Sciences Po Rennes, studying the four Sciences Po main domains: Law, Economy, History and Political Sciences. I majored in Economy & Finance. I also completed a one-year curriculum at engineering school École Centrale Paris about Technology and Management.

Feel free to contact me via email ( or checkout my blog.

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Work experience

Engineering Manager, Uber (July 2013 - November 2017)

I have managed a couple engineering teams since July 2013.

Software Developer, Uber (2012 - 2013)

At Uber ("everyone's private driver"), I worked on our Python and Javascript codebase, writing and improving existing web applications (back-end and front-end). Here's a couple libraries I have open sourced:

  • charlatan: a Python library to efficiently manage and install database fixtures
  • cassette: store and replay HTTP requests made in your Python app

faberNovel (2010-2012)

faberNovel helps big companies think and act like startups. I took part in strategic consulting missions, as well as designed and implemented new services & products for large companies.

I participated in two of faberNovel's annual white papers. Both have been featured on TechCrunch and were very well received:


I first studied law, history, economy and political sciences at Sciences Po Rennes, then went to the engineering school École Centrale Paris (now CentraleSupélec) to study technology & strategy in Paris, France.

I wrote a dissertation about Google Chrome: Free Software as a launching platform.