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Hi, I'm Charles-Axel Dein.

I'm a self-taught software developer and engineering manager.

I'm currently a VP of Engineering at Gens de Confiance, a startup based in Nantes, France.

My previous work experience include:

  • 2 years of founding a startup (Skrib), building its back-end, front-end and infra from scratch.
  • 3 years of engineering manager experience at Uber in San Francisco and Amsterdam.
  • 2 years of software engineering experience at Uber in San Francisco.
  • 2 years of innovation consulting at faberNovel in Paris and San Francisco.

My areas of interest are:

  • Startup entrepreneurship
  • Software engineering
  • Engineering management
  • Design & typography
  • Education
  • History
  • Literature
  • Woodworking

I completed a Masters at Sciences Po Rennes, studying the four Sciences Po main domains: Law, Economy, History and Political Science. I majored in Economy & Finance. I also completed a one-year curriculum at engineering school École Centrale Paris, majoring in Technology and Management.

Feel free to contact me via email ( or checkout my blog.

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Short biography

Here's a short biography you can use:

Charles-Axel Dein is a software engineer and an engineering manager with more than ten years of experience scaling teams and technologies. He joined the transportation company Uber in July 2012 and took part in the exponential growth that followed: building teams from scratch to 50+ engineers, developing products from idea to millions of users, and scaling services to hundreds of thousands of request per seconds. He is currently a VP of Engineering at GensDeConfiance, a startup based in Nantes, France

In French:

Charles-Axel a plus de 12 ans d'expérience en tant que software engineer et engineering manager. Après un stage chez faberNovel à Paris et à San Francisco, il rejoint la startup Uber en Californie. Il participe activement à la croissance exponentielle de l'entreprise, d'abord en tant que software engineer, puis comme manager avec de nombreux défis : création de nouvelles équipes atteignant jusqu'à 50 ingénieurs, développement de nouveaux produits touchant des millions d'utilisateurs, scaling d'applications jusqu'à 100k requêtes par seconde.

My area of expertise are:

  • Building high-performance organizations
  • Hiring engineers and managers: process, interviews, sourcing, training, countering biases
  • Managing performance and giving feedback
  • Achieving quality and speed (testing, code reviews, etc.)
  • Maintaining reliability (incident response, monitoring, etc.)
  • Fostering continuous learning
  • Conducting 1-1
  • Increasing your personal productivity
  • Implementing simple project management processes
  • Scaling products and technologies

Work experience

VP of Engineering, Gens de Confiance (Jan 2020 - current)

  • Managing back-end and front-end team
  • Contributing to back-end, front-end and infra code
  • Stack: PHP, TypeScript, React, Terraform, Python, AWS

Cofounder and CEO, Skrib (Jan 2018 - Dec 2019)

Built the whole stack:

  • Front-end: React
  • Back-end: Python and Go
  • Infrastructure: AWS, terraform, lambda

Engineering Manager, Uber (July 2013 - November 2017)

I have managed a couple engineering teams since July 2013.

Software Developer, Uber (2012 - 2013)

At Uber ("everyone's private driver"), I worked on our Python and Javascript codebase, writing and improving existing web applications (back-end and front-end). Here's a couple libraries I have open sourced:

  • charlatan: a Python library to efficiently manage and install database fixtures
  • cassette: store and replay HTTP requests made in your Python app

faberNovel (2010-2012)

faberNovel helps big companies think and act like startups. I took part in strategic consulting missions, as well as designed and implemented new services & products for large companies.

I participated in two of faberNovel's annual white papers. Both have been featured on TechCrunch and were very well received:


I first studied law, history, economy and political sciences at Sciences Po Rennes, then went to the engineering school École Centrale Paris (now CentraleSupélec) to study technology & strategy in Paris, France.

I wrote a dissertation about Google Chrome: Free Software as a launching platform.